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SKY : art-science installation

© 2018 LABOFACTORY : Jean-Marc Chomaz, Laurent Karst, Filippo Fabbri, Greg Louis / ESSS, with the support of Antoine Garcia, Eunyoung Lee, Coralie Betbeder.

SKY questions our relationship and responsibility towards natural phenomena in the sky, such as cloud formation and flow, wind dynamics, water vapour formation and condensation, absorption, transmission, refraction and diffraction of light. These phenomena are materialised by a layer of mist animated by mobile and ephemeral, spectral and mucilaginous forms in an unusual landscape. Indeed, the installation transposes natural phenomena by reversing the reading direction. For example, light does not come from above, but from the ground and the cloud mass moves along a narrow line, accentuating the perception of movement and speed. Thus, the unfolding imaginary space is rather musical than choreographic. The mist then behaves like a sound material made of textures and rhythms. The substance, whose materiality is uncertain, changes texture and moves in response to the movements of the public around the installation. The sound material is structured around two main poles: an organic pole, with a positive connotation, and an industrial pole, with a negative connotation. Humans interfere on the sound matter by polarising it in synchronisation with the behaviour of the fog, thus transcribing different combinations of positive and negative human actions. SKY is then designed to offer a complex sensory experience, ranging from pure aesthetic contemplation to empathic participatory understanding and questioning of the interactions between man and nature.

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