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LA MAILLAN EN MOI : musical comedy

By : Cécile Magne

Cast : Cécile Magne, Filippo Fabbri

Original music and arrangement : Filippo Fabbri

La Maillan en moi is a musical comedy inspired by the world of Jacqueline Maillan, with original songs and music and rearrangements of songs that she herself had performed.


For us, Jacqueline Maillan is a model. Because she is a huge actress, versatile and precise. Because she embodies a woman of flesh and guts, far from the evanescent young firsts. Because she is the master of self-mockery, freedom of speech and fantasy, things that we love deeply and miss today. His speech always seems avant-garde.

We would like to make it felt, through a juxtaposition of her point of view at the time, and that of a contemporary woman on the society of 2017. With La Maillan in me, we hope to offer the public a moment in the energy de la grande Maillan, a woman of tomorrow.

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