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KAOS : interactive spatialized installation

“KAOS” : Kinect-Augmented Object audio Spatialisation

© 2018 Samuel Hadges, Maxime Blanc, Filippo Fabbri

Musique: La Nuit Transfigurée, A. Schoenberg

This project (named KAOS), developed by Prof. Filippo Fabbri and his students, has been presented at the Fête de la Science 2018 of Université Paris-Saclay. 


The sonic augmented reality performance of La Nuit Transfigurée op. 4 de A. Schoenberg has been proposed, followed by an acoustic « traditional » concert, in order to appreciate the differences of the listening experiences. 

Interactive system capable of creating an adaptive sonic experience, by the selective reproduction of sound sources according to the listener position and motion. 1. The listener moves in the active space. 2. A sensor detects the listener position and motion. 

3. The sonic augmented reality system plays each sound source with differentintensity, direction, reverberation, etc. as a function of the listener position and motion. 

For exemple, in the case of our sextet, if the listener moves towards the zone where the 1st violin is virtually located, the sound of the 1st violin will besingled out, enabling the selective listining of this instrument. 

4. Each source is previsouly recorded in studio during the collective reharsal, with a specific technique in order to provide isolated, independent audio trackscorresponding to  each source, while playing together.


Samuel Hadges, Maxime Blanc, F. Fabbri (S4P, 2017-18): Installation immersive “KAOS” – Kinect-Augmented Object audio Spatialisation. (a-b) Fete de la Science de l’Université Paris-Saclay – ORSAY, 2018. (c) Étude et développement de l’interaction (d) Session d’enregistrement à la MPAA Paris-Canopée du sextuor « La Nuit Transfigurée » (A. Schoenberg).  

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